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About Mandarin House

We are a well-loved and respected Chinese restaurant located in St. Louis, MO. Since its opening in 1979, the Mandarin House has hosted numerous high-profile clients in their 430-seat restaurant and banquet room.

At the Mandarin House, we adhere to many Chinese traditions and we are always prepared to make our delicacies for festive banquets, and private parties, all of which can follow the customs of traditional China, with a proper host to make guests feel at home.

Our decor is very warm and inviting, and includes a Chinese bridge, pavilions, and an elegant and generous atmosphere to express the Chinese culture and traditions. When dining at Mandarin House, you not only enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine but also are able to appreciate the cultural background of traditional Chinese food.

Chinese Chef cooking .jpg

From the Press



“The crew is unfailingly warm and patient, happy to run and fetch an item that a diner may have missed on its go-around through the dining room. That's key in a meal designed for grazing and in a restaurant that gets so many of the dishes spot-on."



“The food is so good and well-prepared that the absence of a wine menu, even a small list, left us wistfully dreaming of enticing pairings and thirsty for something more than tea or bottled beer.”



"The food is amazing. Been going there since I was born and my grandparents have gone for over 20 years before then. Love the people and the service." - Sandra Berry

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